Restaurant Nyt

About us

Restaurant Nyt is the project where we seek inspiration in the wild nature of Northern Norway for ingredients which may touch and challenge existing culinary traditions. Our goal is to create dishes that provide our customers an experience of total pleasure – and a little amazement.

Håkon, Harald and Trine inhabit the kitchen and are dedicated to experiment with local resources and bring traditional taste structures to work within a modern context. These guys are from Bodø and Nordland and have their education and practice from this part of Norway, even though they also have worked elsewhere. Their enthusiasm for this region reflects the menu and you will probably notice Håkon’s passion for locale herbs and ingredients that are gathered on the coast or in the forest nearby.

In the restaurant you will meet Isak, Moa and the manager Bjørnar. After many years as chef in brasserie and fine dining restaurants, Bjørnar has turned to the «liminal zone» and is now in charge of the restaurant. It’s a tuff call and he cannot stay out of the kitchen too long. He is, however, keen to present the best of service together with the others in the restaurant, including the chefs. The team’s knowledge of the dishes, wine and other beverages will move the taste regime of this restaurant to an alternative dimension.

We will herby invite you to a pleasurable time in the midst of culinary inventions based on inspiration and traditions of Northern Norway!

Welcome to the best of moments..